About Us

We’ve been active RVers  for many years, so we are very familiar with RV owners’ needs.  Our facility has just the right combination of elements—service, security, availability, location, and features.  Bellingham RV Storage is the solution to for your RV storage, with spacious bays, state of the art security and an onsite dump station.

We are excited to help you with your RV needs and willing to accommodate special requests. We understand each RV and Boat storage solution is going to be different, and we want to work with you to make sure you’re covered.

Bellingham RV Storage cares about your RV and are looking forward  to helping you with your RV storage needs.  Give us a call today!  We’d love to give you a free, personalized consultation about your particular RV or boat storage needs!

Give us a call at (360) 671-6100 or email at bellinghamrvstorage@live.com